Scout Books Short Stories


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Selections  from a series of illustrated short story pamphlets which I edited for Scout Books. Released in themed trios including Fantastic Tales I & II, Forever Modern, War Stories, and the History of Mystery, each individual title paired one or more stories by a classic author with new drawings by a contemporary illustrator. My work on the project as series editor included selecting the stories and artists, typesetting, design of the cover trade dress and interiors, and giving feedback to artists. Incredible support and assistance from Laura and Austin Whipple and Taryn Cowart.

You can buy the books at the Scout Books website.

The Star Child | Oscar Wilde + Julia Gfrörer

The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Other Tales | Brothers Grimm + Eleanor Davis

Fables | Aesop + Ryan Berkley

The Purloined Letter | Edgar Allan Poe + Roman Muradov

The Blue Cross | G. K. Chesterton + Dustin Harbin

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle | Arthur Conan Doyle + Ethan Rilly

The Tell-Tale Heart | Edgar Allan Poe + Malachi Ward

The Fall of the House of Usher | Edgar Allan Poe + Tom Neely

William Wilson | Edgar Allan Poe + Levon Jihanian

The Garden Party | Katherine Mansfiled + Dylan Horrocks

Araby and Other Stories | James Joyce + Lizzy Stewart

Kew Gardens and Other Stories | Virginia Woolf + Jennifer Parks

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge | Ambrose Bierce + François Vigneault

The Little Regiment | Stephen Crane + Simon Roy

The Private History of a Campaign that Failed | Mark Twain + Pete Gamlen

The Giant’s Heart | George MacDonaled + Lark Pien

The Isle of Voices | Robert Louis Stevenson + Andrea Kalfas

Mowgli’s Brothers | Rudyard Kipling + Rebecca Dart

To Build a Fire | Jack London + Michael C. Hsiung

All Gold Canyon | Jack London + Matthew Forsythe

The Love of Life | Jack London + Reid Psaltis