Titan #1 Out Now

Family Style is delighted to present the first full-length comic from François Vigneault in over five years, Titan #1! Wowza!
Titan is the story of MNGR João da Silva, a music-loving productivity expert sent from Earth to the moon of Titan, where he finds himself embroiled in the dangerous tensions between the geneticaly-engineered Titan workers and their Terran management, a situation that threatens to boil over at a moment’s notice. Is the union representative Phoebe Mackintosh a friend, a foe, or something else entirely? With mysteries and danger lurking at every turn, João must rely on his intellect and his powerful “i” device to protect himself and maybe even turn a profit. The start of a six-issue sci-fi epic that combines action and adventure with a deep look at the best and the worst aspects of human nature.
Titan #1 collects Part 01: Far, Far Away and Part 02: 99 Problems, both of which can be seen on the Study Group Comics website. The print edition features lush, two-color printing on newsprint interiors, and a fully-painted color cover. The entire book has been re-edited, re-designed, and re-lettered for this new edition.
Titan #1 is premiering at the Stumptown Comics Festival on Saturday, April 27th, where it will be available at the Press Gang booth (along with lots of other new items, including the Esiner-nominated It Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple and issue #2 of Study Group Magazine).
You can pre-order Titan #1 right now; mail orders will be shipped out immediately after Stumptown! Pre-orders are greatly appreciated, since they help to defray upfront printing costs… All pre-orders will be signed by the artist and will receive some fun bonus goodies!
Titan Part 03: Hard Headed Woman will be starting up on the Study Group Comics site soon, and a new issue of Titan should be out before the end of the year.